Combining her talents as a writer and performer, Monique created a number of CDs for children, ages 2-10. Most of these were commissioned while she was residing in Germany from 1998-2003. She also created a CD for the soccer world cup in Germany in 2006 and a solo CD of violin miniatures. Read more »

Symphony App

Working with inventor, Dr. Norman Sadeh from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, Mead created a team at the Center for Arts Innovation to create new ways for audiences to deepen their musical experience using mobile apps in the concert hall. The goal is to enhance the concert experience, attract new audiences, and create new dimensions of interactivity through input from curators and audience members. A launch of this app is planned for 2014.

Concert Laboratory

The comfort of the audience is at the heart of this revolutionary concert concept that features world-class artists, young talent, entertaining commentary, interactive elements, and an entirely new approach to seating.

The idea features a concert laboratory where community, artistry, and innovation coalesce to create a unique concert experience based on values of…

Excellence: renowned artists, established ensembles, varied musical genres, unique collaborations.

Entertainment: popular works, aural and visual diversity, and a friendly atmosphere.

Innovation: a playground for ideas that create interactive concert experiences and engage diverse audiences.

Education: user-friendly commentary, concert apps, activities for children.

Inspiration: a refreshing musical experience that uplifts audience and performers through a sense of joint participation.

What makes this unique?

  • Seating zones that cater to creature comforts
  • iPad and iPhone concert apps
  • 60- to 70-minute thematic programs with no intermission
  • Engaging concert commentary by Monique Mead and performers
  • Inter-disciplinary collaborations (dance, drama, visual art, multi-media)
  • Audience participation at concerts
  • Audience requests honored in programming
  • Mingling with artists before / after concerts
  • Musical childcare in house

Additional details available upon request.