An innovative mind coupled with practical savvy has kept Monique Mead at the cutting edge of arts innovation in the United States and Europe for over 15 years. As a consultant, she brings fresh perspectives, creates beneficial collaborations, and offers efficient strategies for success.


Center for Arts Innovation

Housed at Carnegie Mellon School of Music, the Center for Arts Innovation was founded in 2013 by Head, Denis Colwell and Monique Mead.  Its executive team meets weekly and manages projects run by a list of Fellows who are prominent musicians, inventors, and business people. The Center's purpose is to create new models that will help orchestras and other arts organizations thrive in the 21st century. Projects in collaboration with the Tepper Business School as well as the School of Computer Science and School of Design are currently being developed and implemented with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the CMU Philharmonic, and other arts organizations.

Consultant to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

In her role as Consultant for Integrative Strategies to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Mead connects with the pulse of the community, finding opportunities to integrate music in ways that are valuable to the community, and creating new relevance for the orchestra within the city.  She spearheads collaborations between orchestra management, local businesses, universities, and volunteers.

Programming & Sponsorship

The ability to create connections between seemingly disparate fields: soccer and classical music, for instance, has placed Mead in the headlines of the arts section—and the sports page. Sponsors such as Audi, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, FC Bayern München, FC Schalke 04, McDonald’s and Opel have underwritten her orchestra programs, which feature themes that underscore the sponsor’s interests and values such as fitness or environmental stewardship.

Entrepreneurship Consulting at CMU School of Music

As Director of Music Entrepreneurship Studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Mead works on a team with School of Music Head, Denis Colwell and colleague, Lance LaDuke to helps students discover their unique qualities, find relevance for their art in the world, and turn their ideas into sound business models that create value in the world and allow full expression of their musical ability.  They have assisted chamber ensembles in launching careers, and have helped others in creating unique niche markets for music in fashion, design, and technology.  Mead also serves as a consultant to independent artists and ensembles.