Based on her broad experience as a violin pedagogue and a teaching artist for people of all ages, Monique has trained musicians in the art of audience engagement for over fifteen years, leading professional development seminars for major orchestras in the United States and Europe. Since 2012 she has placed her focus on teaching these skills to pre-professional musicians.


Carnegie Mellon University School of Music

As Director of Music Entrepreneurship, Mead works with Lance LaDuke to create an environment of entrepreneurial thinking at CMU School of Music.  Their courses cover essential aspects of the music business, stage presence, professional etiquette, audience engagement, and leadership training.

Workshops and Seminars

As a guest speaker at universities in the United States and abroad, Monique Mead often covers these popular topics…

Stage Presence

Before a note is played, the audience has already formed an opinion about your performance. How can good stage presence optimize your effectiveness as an artist?

Public Speaking

What to say and how to say it?  Learn how to introduce a piece, dedicate an encore, or thank a sponsor because the way you say it makes all the difference.

Professional Etiquette

Interpersonal skills are at the center of this workshop featuring written and verbal communication.  With these skills, you can feel more confident in social settings and become a more valued leader and colleague.

Audience Development

Every arts organization wants new audiences--now. Monique shares the formula she has used to create highly effective programs for orchestras, festival, and small ensembles in Europe and the United States.

Effective Outreach

Whether visiting a preschool, coaching a school orchestra, speaking at a senior center, or playing at a hospital, it is a musician’s duty to engage, inspire, and uplift the listeners. 

Corporate Sponsorships

Having received sponsorships from Audi, Opel, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, McDonald’s, Bayern München and others, Monique shares her techniques of for attracting corporate and private sponsors.

Other Popular Topics

  • Start With Why: building success around your core values
  • Time Management for Musicians
  • Teaching an Inspiring Masterclass (regardless of how they play)
  • Speaking Up: Advocacy for the Arts
  • What Do I Wear? Proper attire for the stage and beyond
  • Practicalities of Life on the Road
  • Effective Practice Techniques
  • Being a Master Student
  • Mental Training for Peak Performance 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Since 2010, Mead has been a popular instructor at Osher at both Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, which offer courses for retired people. She presents to large audiences, interviewing musicians, performing, and giving insight to musical life in an orchestra and beyond.  Her most recent courses have been A Pittsburgh Symphony Exclusive: An Inside Look at Music, Maestros, and Musicians.  She has also presented Leonard Bernstein's Harvard Lecture Series, The Unanswered Question.  Most recently, she has opened up her university course The Art of Audience Engagement to Osher members.  They listen to the final four weeks of student performances and offer constructive feedback.  To register, please visit the OLLI at CMU website.