Teaching Artist Training

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Munich Radio Orchestra, Berlin RIAS Choir, and San Diego Symphony are a few of the many ensembles that have benefitted from Mead’s Teaching Artist seminars, enabling musicians to inspire young people at school and prepare them for a concert experience.

Career Training in Outreach

Committed to sharing her successful strategies with others, Monique offers training in all aspects of outreach and audience development to those seeking careers in this field. She trains instrumentalists, conductors, and administrators in conferences or privately via Skype.

School Teachers

Having been trained as performer, Monique's approach to music education is refreshingly unorthodox and interactive. Prior to a concert visit, she routinely creates customized teaching materials, and trains teachers at all levels through hands-on seminars with live music.

Programming for Assistant Conductors

A conductor's first position usually requires him/her to program and conduct concerts for youth and families.  Since this is a skill most often missing from conservatory training, Monique frequently consults Assistant Conductors and education departments for their programming needs. Having created and performed hundreds of youth and family concerts with international orchestras, she is able to provide scripted programs on a broad range of topics and interests.